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Say it ain't so...Costco's new food court item: BBQ Ribs and Fries for $7.99

The following preview has been rated HM (Hungry Man). The viewer may suffer from an uncontrollable desire to run to their nearest Costco Food Court. View at your own discretion.

So stopped by the Downtown Costco joint and found out that apparently they have replaced one of their food court dishes with something new. Yep, the Chicken Bake is off the menu. (Look out for the review on the Costco Chicken Bake coming soon to ILoveFoodBlog.BlogSpot.Com)

The new item that the Costco food court is launching is none other than "BBQ Ribs and Fries." Now...the Costco fries....most of us have tried them (look out for a review on Costco fries in the near future). The big question is how do the BBQ Ribs taste??? Well, I decided that I may try that just for the sake of it. Unfortunately, I backed out last minute while ordering and ordered a Pizza instead.

This now leaves a great anticipation for a future meal at Costco. Will the Ribs replacing the Chicken Bake be justified? Is it really worth $7.99??? Keep in mind, this is by far the highest priced food item offered at the Costco food court. Are they spicy? Are they dry? Are they moist? How big is the portion size you get with it? Are they finger lickin good? The anticipation is sure building up. Only time will tell. Let's sure hope that this does not disappoint.

So until then, be sure to watch out for the full uncut review of Costco's new food item "BBQ Ribs and Fries." You'll be able to view this firsthand exclusively on ILoveFoodBlog.BlogSpot.Com

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