Costco Fries.

Costco French Fries with side of Ketchup and Pop.

What more can I say about Costco French Fries? For those that have tried it, you know how good this is. This could very well be my favorite fries. It tastes good with Ketchup, gravy, or just by itself. Portion size is pretty can almost be a meal by itself. If you haven't tried it yet, be sure to run to your nearest Costco and visit their food court. The price is not too bad too...I believe it's around $2. Definitely is one of the reasons I keep returning to far as the Ribs go...don't get me started. See my earlier posts for a review on the Costco Ribs.

(Lame) Joke of the Day:
Question : Where were French Fries made?
Answer: Greece

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