Disappointed. But Why So Serious?

Cha-Siu served with a bed of French Fries. Okay, who am I kidding? It really is the Costco BBQ Ribs and French Fries ($7.99)

How I felt after having the Cha-Siu and Fries.

So after all the rave and hype and anticipation to try the Costco BBQ Ribs...I finally got my hands on them....one word: Disappointed. (See picture of Homer Simpson above)

Before eating it, I had a bad feeling that I wouldn't enjoy it. And boy was I right. Take a good look at the picture above. And then take a look at the Ribs that Earl's offers (See previous post for review on Earl's Ribs). No competition. Earl's ribs absolutely slaughters the Costco ribs. Hands down. Period.

How did it taste? Well aside from having a mouthfeel that resembled rubber, it tasted really bland and dry. I mean, I almost tricked myself into thinking I was munching on Cha-Siu!!! It felt really weird as the ribs came with fries...what it should have come with is some white rice instead (and soya sauce).

The price??? $7.99? Don't be fooled...that's like 8 bucks! And for what?! Rubber? Cha-Siu? I can go to Chinatown and get Cha-Siu for a cheaper price. And it'll come with white rice and soya sauce.

And boy if that wasn't enough...the bones of the ribs starting breaking into pieces while I was eating them (or at least trying to eat them). Food for Thought: I mentioned this to a co-worker and she said that the ribs were overcooked.

So you really want good ribs? My suggestion is to go to Earl's and fork out the extra dollars for a really really delicious, mouth watering, juicy, spicy, tasty meal. Why torture youself and fork out 8 bucks for some Cha-Siu with french fries?

And what's the deal with advertising six bones when you're only going to give five? Refer to above picture of ribs (which has only five bones) and from the other post (which has six bones). I mean...where's the consistency? It's a scam!

I couldn't bring myself to finish the ribs so I only ate half of it...I did finish the fries though.

Alright, I've gone on and on about the Costco Ribs...You can take my word for it, or you can try it yourself...but like a wise man once said..."I told you so...I did bloody tell you."

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Sherman said...

I think you got a bad batch of ribs. The one I had was cooked perfectly. Mind you it wasn't great, but it was edible.

I Love Food Blog said...

Interesting...just for that, I'm gonna have to give them another shot in the future. Thanks for letting me know.