Two Cheesy.

MacDonald's Two Cheeseburgers Meal: Includes Large French Fries (requested large size) and a Medium Coke. Condiments are two ketchups and one tar-tar sauce aka filet-oh-fish sauce.

I used to eat the Quarter Pounder with Cheese...until I found out I could order this instead. Nothing much to rave about here...your standard MacDonald meal. I like getting a side of tar-tar sauce with my fries. It's great especially when it's cold...the tar-tar sauce that is.

Food for thought....

Myth: McDonald’s hamburgers contain additives or extra fillers.
Fact: The hamburger patties used in favourites like our McDonald’s hamburger, cheeseburger and Big Mac® sandwich are only made from 100% pure beef, no additives or fillers.
Source: McDonald's Canada Website

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