Creamy Caramel.

Large Package of Kernel's Popcorn. Interesting choice of color here...I remember it used to be blue.

Close-up shot of Kernels Creamy Caramel Popcorn.

Craving for some popcorn? Some creamy caramel popcorn? Kernels might just have what you are looking for.

What I like about Kernels is that they not only offer a wide variety of flavors, but there is a variation for certain flavors. Take for example their Caramel flavor popcorn. There's the regular Caramel flavor version. And then there's the Creamy Caramel flavor. Oh and that's not all, apparently there's a more potent caramel flavor that I believe is called the "Double Shot." Now that's just too much caramel for one to stomach. I'll stick with the Creamy version for now.

It is somewhat pricey though. I believe a large sized bag (pictured above) can come close to almost $10. Worth trying if you haven't had it yet.


"Buttery smooth and richly delicious, Kernels Creamy Caramel is a perennial favourite. And it's no secret why: when fresh Kernels popcorn gets smothered in decadent creamy caramel, the results are absolutely irresistible."

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