It's Been A Long Time...

Interior of restaurant. Gotta love the 50's style.

Vanilla Deluxe Hard Ice Cream Milkshake. Topped off with a cherry.

Ground Turkey Burger. Includes hand leafed lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo and house sauce.

Moderne Steak Burger Platter (includes French Fries). I added swiss cheese and mushrooms to the burger.

Close-up shot of the Moderne Steak Burger. Added swiss cheese and mushrooms to the burger.

Note: Be sure to click on each pic to get a better view.

It's been a long time since I've been to Moderne Burger. In the past, they've been closed twice. One due to a fire, and the recent one due to expansion. The latter one took way longer than expected...probably close to two years if I'm not mistaken. So I was more than happy to find out that they were once again open for business.

The restaurant interior is now a lot bigger. The good thing is that they maintained their 50's style look. One of the reasons I love coming here.

I love it was inevitable that I ordered their Vanilla Deluxe Hard Ice Cream Milkshake. The milkshake was great...very thick. Only problem is that it's a task to be able to eat their burger on top of the milkshake.

I did not order the Turkey Burger so I can't really comment on how it was, except for the fact that I noticed that the burger bun was slightly charred on the top (see picture above).

I had the Moderne Steak Burger Platter which comes with French Fries. As mentioned on their website, the fries are freshly cut after you place your order. They don't overload the fries with salt like MacDonald's this is a good option if you want to cut down on your NaCl. It's mentioned on their website that their steak burgers are made fresh daily, without any preservatives or seasoning. Although the burger was good, I was somewhat disappointed. It just didn't taste the same when I went there before they closed down for renovations. I will however give them the benefit of the doubt by visiting another time in the future to see if it is any different.

Tip: The platter comes with a lot of fries (see pic above). So if there's two of you, one of you can order a platter and the other can just order the burger by itself and you can share the fries. It's almost impossible for one person to finish the fries that comes with the platter. I remember the owner telling me this a while ago, which I thought was very nice of him.

If you haven't been here, it's worth a visit. It's hailed as one of the best spots to have a burger around the city. If you're not in the mood for burgers, drop by and enjoy a milkshake in a 50's style atmosphere.

Please note that they only accept cash and are closed on Mondays and long weekends.

2507 West Broadway
(604) 739-0005

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Anonymous said...

Mmm...Classic Burgers. One place I would want to take a trip to.

I Love Food Blogger said...

Definitely worth going just for the ambiance. Gotta love it.