Me Love: Indo Mie - Mi Goreng.

Package of Indo Mie - Mi Goreng.

Mi Goreng...prepared and ready to eat. I did not add the "fried onions." Two packages used in above pic.

This is one of my favorite "instant noodles" out there. I normally use up two packages per meal as one just doesn't seem to be enough for me. It is especially popular in parts of Asia such as Indonesia/Singapore/Malyasia, but seems to be picking up in other parts of the world such as the US.

For preparations, boil some water in a pot and throw in the noodles when the water boils for about 3 mins. When done, drain noodles. Mix with seasoning packets provided. Served dry (i.e. no soup).

Tip: Add any left over meat or veggies. Also great to add an egg (sunny or scrambled) to it.

You can find this at a T&T Supermarket and possibly other supermarkets.

You can read up more about this at:

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