King Of Ramen: Kintaro

Pork Gyoza.

Shoyu Ramen (plain).
Rich soup and fatty pork.

A lot of Vancouverites already know that if you want good Ramen, Kintaro is the place to go to.

I normally get a side of Gyoza with my Ramen. Keep in mind that the Gyoza can take a while to be prepared. If you're lucky, it will come before your Ramen. The Gyozas here are great.

For the Ramen, I normally choose the Shoyu soup base. For the soup richness, I choose rich (over light and medium). For the pork, I normally choose fatty over lean. The Ramen is just incredible. Super tasty. I normally end up finishing the soup too.

If you've never been here, you definitely have to try it! I think it's the best Ramen in the city. Expect a long wait at times though. Not recommended going with a large group.

Kintaro Ramen (Denman)
788 Denman St., Vancouver
Tel: 604-682-7568

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