So-So Oysi Oysi.

Miso Ramen.

California Roll.

Beef Yakisoba.

Pork Gyoza.

Oysi Oysi has been around Vancouver for quite a while. Dropped by with a buddy to try it out. Hadn't been here in ages. The food was okay....really nothing special. My buddy had the Ramen and the California Roll. He seemed to think it was decent, but again nothing amazing. I had the Yakisoba and the Gyoza. I thought there was way too much grease in the Yakisoba...also had too much ginger taste. It tasted okay but I don't think you can really make one that's super amazing. The Gyoza was your standard Gyoza you'd get at most restaurants.

I will say that the good thing was the service. Very good service on their part.

I wouldn't go out of my way to go here. Not highly recommended, but if you want to try it out it wouldn't hurt. If you want Ramen though, try Kintaro and/or Benkei. Again, the review will be coming soon for Kintaro and Benkei.

Oysi Oysi
1136 Alberni, Vancouver
Tel: (604) 682-0011

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