#58 on VanMags 101 Things To Eat Before You Die: Xiaolongbao

Not too sure of the exact name of this dish...but it's basically a noodle dish with pork if I'm not wrong.

These were okay. Probably not the dish they specialize in, but if you're a fan of noodle, worth trying.

edit: should be
Sheng Jian Bao

These were...different. The skin is a bit more doughy. When you bite into it, be warned that there is a lot of juice inside....like a lot. It is pretty tasty. If you visit Lin's, I recommend trying this as this is one of their signature dish that they specialize in.

Here is a quote from VanMags "101 Things To Taste Before You Die" on Lin's:

"Most days Lin’s owner makes her own delicately steamed soup dumplings with pork filling in a hot savoury broth. She rolls the dough thin, then with a quick dab and twist adds the filling; minutes later the XLB are on the table—light, juicy, and piping hot. Lin’s, 1537 W. Broadway, 604-733-9696."



Lin Chinese Cuisine
(604) 733-9696
1537 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6J

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AG said...

i went here, i havnt tried that but i tried another pan fried bun and the steamed ones

its near the 99 b-line! so its awesome, and they opend a blueberry next to it!

I Love Food Blog said...

Hi ag, the pan fried bun and steamed ones sounds great too. I don't believe I've tried them yet. Will be sure to try them in the future.

And I didn't know they opened a Blueberry next to Lins...that's great news!

fmed said...


Judging from the picture - what you had was not XLB. You had pan fried dumpling - probably a Sheng Jian Bao (which are first steamed then shallow fried).

XLB is steamed (Xiao Long translates to bamboo steamer, IIRC).

Van Mag posted the wrong picture on their site which was probably the source of confusion.


I Love Food Blog said...

Hi fmed,

That's what I had initially thought...I'm going with you on this one.

I've edited my caption for the pic.

I Love Food Blog

fmed said...

For reference here are some pics of XLB from around town: http://picasaweb.google.ca/gustibus.maximus/XLBSurvey#

Lin's is one of the ones on top of my list.

I Love Food Blog said...

Nice drop Fmed...have you tried the ones at Shanghai River in Richmond?

fmed said...

I have....but it was one of those rare times when I couldn't take a pic. Shanghai River's Crab XLB is also quite excellent. I might be there this weekend - I'll make sure to take pics.

I Love Food Blog said...

Great, I'll look forward to the pics you take when you go to Shanghai River.

I've been there recently and took some pics. I'll provide a review on my blog in the near future.