It's In The Bread...

Hot Breakfast Sandwich
Homestyle biscuit with sausage, seasoned egg patty and processed cheese.

Close-up shot of sandwich.

Even closer shot.

Tim Horton's offers a great breakfast sandwich. What sets them apart from the rest of the competition is their use of the homestyle biscuit as their bread choice. It's slightly crispy and goes really well with the rest of the ingredients. It's often argued as to what is the single thing that makes or breaks a sandwich...I've heard that it's the bread. I'll have to agree on this.

If you're not in the mood for sausage, bacon is also available.

Recommended if you've never tried it yet.


KimHo said...

Yes! I agree, this breakfast sandwich beats the ones from McDonald's, BK and similar places. Actually, the one that might come as a challenger would be the McGriddle but it is a bit too sweet for me.

I Love Food Blog said...

I haven't tried the Breakie Sandwich at is it?

I've tried the McGriddle...I thought it was a bold move for McD to put something like that on the menu. I'm assuming it's doing quite well since it's still on the menu. And I agree, the McGriddle loses a point for being too sweet.