with garlic croutons & grana
padano parmesan.

slowly braised in spicy honey
barbeque sauce, with fries &
buttermilk dill coleslaw.

loaded with sautéed button
mushrooms & aged cheddar

Note: I had the Burger pictured above, but subbed the skinny fries for a caesar salad instead which came first as an appy. I did steal some of my buddy's skinny fries though.

The Caesar Salad was a great start. As usual, I requested for extra cheese and sauce. I like it when the plate comes really cold too...which I believe was the case.

My buddy had the baby backed barbecued ribs. He seemed to really enjoy it. I stole some of his skinny fries and I must say they were very's sort of like Pringles Chips...once you pop, you can't stop.

The burger was great. As can be seen from the pic above, they weren't stingy on the mushrooms...they just loaded up on it. It must be said that as good as this burger was, it is no Feenie Burger aka The Burger at Cactus Club Cafe. I still think that Cactus Club serves the best burger.

Overall, we had a great meal. Service was good and I enjoyed the ambiance.

Would return here again. Recommended if you've never been here.

Joeys Burrard
820 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-683-JOEY (5639)

Joey Tomato's Mediterranean Grill on Urbanspoon

Joey Tomato's Mediterranean Grill (Joey's Broadway) on Urbanspoon

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