Pizza X2

Pizza Pizza Cheese Slice Pizza

I don't think there's any Pizza Pizza's around Vancouver except for maybe just at some movie theaters, UBC and the PNE. That's unfortunate as I like their pizzas.

I had a slice at Silvercity Riverport when I watched The Dark Knight on the IMAX. (Side note: The Dark Knight DVD will be available Dec 9, 2008...a perfect xmas gift).

Anyways, back to the food. I don't like my pizza crowded with too many different toppings. I do prefer it to be pretty plain at times. With that being said, the cheese slice satisfied my craving.

Not as good as Pizza Hut, but worth trying if you have not tried it yet.


Anonymous said...

how much is it?

I Love Food Blog said...

Hi anonymous, unfortunately I can't really recall exactly how much it cost. If I'm not wrong, I believe they were selling it at the cinema for about $6.99 and you get a regular sized pop as well. I may be wrong though...I'll confirm if I visit again.