Prima Taste.



Beef Rendang.

Hainanese Chicken.

Hokkien Mee.

For a long time, Tropika and Banana Leaf used to be the go to place for Singapore food around Vancouver. Then came Prima Taste. As can be seen from the pics above, they offer a wide range of Singapore dishes.

The food is okay...I wouldn't say that it's incredible or that it blew my mind. But if you've never been here and you would like to try some S'pore cuisine, I think this would be a restaurant to consider.

Prima Taste Restaurant
570 Robson Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604 6857881

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KimHo said...

Is it me or Prima Taste has been (over-)blogged in the last month or so? ^_^

I guess, since it is different enough, everybody drops by...

I Love Food Blog said...

I agree with you KimHo. The food there is just okay, really nothing mindblowing.

ET said...

Haven't been to Prima Taste in a while; Some of the dishes were actually pretty authentic, but the prices were way high. Have the prices improved any?

I Love Food Blog said...

Hi ET, I am not sure if the prices have changed.