Tim Hortons Homestyle Hash Brown

"Tim Hortons Homestyle Hash Brown is made with real shredded potato that is lightly seasoned and oven-toasted to a golden brown crispness."


The description above (taken from their website) sounds very tempting. I've had this a couple of times now. For starts, I think it is slightly overpriced. I believe it's about a dollar. MacDonald's charges the same price but offers a slightly bigger hash brown so I kind of felt ripped off. Anyways, the last time I had this, it was very stale...not fresh at all. I think that would have made a big difference. In terms of taste, it has some herbs thrown in which does enhance the flavor a little bit, but not enough to make me want to order another one. Will pass on this next time.


KimHo said...

Agreed! I tried some while I was in Ontario and couldn't believe how small were they! At that price/size, I would rather grab a bage or, if really hungry, one of their breakfast sandwiches.

I Love Food Blog said...

Well said KimHo...their breakfast sandwiches are not bad I must say.