Back In The Drive-In Days: A&W Onions Rings.

A&W Onions Rings.

Did you know?

There aren't too many fast food joints that serves great onion rings like A&W...well, actually, there aren't that many fast food joints that serve onion rings period.

I'm not the biggest fan of onion rings, but occasionally I do like to order them when I'm at A&W or White Spot.

Most times when I order onions rings from A&W, they come really fresh and hot. The serving size is quite generous for what you pay....great value. The taste is great. Gotta love the batter on them bad boys!

If you haven't tried it, be sure to try them the next time you're at A&W!


raidar said...

Have to agree. A&W rings are classic, and the coating is almost always a perfect mesh of crispness.

I Love Food Blog said...

Well said raidar...I agree. Can't go wrong with them.