Beard Papa's

Packaging/Bag of Beard Papa's Cream Puffs.

Vanilla Flavored Beard Papa's Cream Puff.

A look inside the Cream Puff.

So this is what everyone has been talking and raving about. Tried it a while ago and decided to provide my own review on it.

For starts, I can appreciate the effort put into this treat. Walking into their store (on Denman), I couldn't help but realize that I was visiting a very unique store. The service provided was great. From what I recall, you can choose from two main flavors: vanilla or green tea. There might also be other flavors now.

Went with the classic/original flavor vanilla. From what I recall, these aren't cheap....nor were they ridiculously overpriced. After trying one piece, I thought it was okay...I mean I wasn't totally blown away. Was it worth trying? Yeah, I'd say so...would I go back and buy half a dozen occasionally? Probably not.

If you're a big fan of cream puffs, I recommend trying this out. If you're not the biggest fan, I wouldn't say you're missing out on too much by passing on these.

English Bay
Unit 104 - 1184 Denman Street
Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-681-3163

City Square
Unit 26 - 555 West 12th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-569-2898

Aberdeen Centre
Unit 3160 - 4151 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, BC
Tel: 604.295.8193

Crystal Mall
Unit 2320 - 4500 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

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Beard Papa's on Urbanspoon


KimHo said...

As far as I can remember, the vanilla is standard; green tea rotates on a daily basis, along with strawberry and, if I recall correctly, chocolate.

I am not sure if you noticed but they have a somewhat hilarious note: it is *only* 200 (or so) calories!

Finally, you missed the Crystal Mall location. ^_^

I Love Food Blog said...

Thanks KimHo. I have edited the post to include the Crystal Mall location.

What is your favorite flavor KimHo?

KimHo said...

Actually, I am not that fond of sweets. Once in a while, sure but... As for Beard Papa's. I blogged it here:

Lydia said...

I just blogged about these too. I feel the same way as you about the regular ones, but trust me, try the green tea ones if you stop in when they're available. They're amazing.

I Love Food Blog said...

Hi Lydia,

I'm not the biggest fan of Green Tea, but I will keep that in mind in the future if I ever visit Beard Papa's again.

Thanks for letting me know.

I Love Food Blog.