Kam Gok Yuen

Soft Tofu With Green Vegetables.

I'm a fan of soft tofu like this one. Goes really well with a bowl of white rice.

BBQ Duck.

Not the biggest fan of BBQ Duck, but the general feedback I get is that this is pretty good. Think BBQ Duck from Hon's.

Fried Pork Spare-Ribs.

This one...big fan of. I really like the spices that comes on these bad boys. Full of taste and flavor. Mouthwatering!

Kam Gok Yuen is a little restaurant in Chinatown that serves good ol chinese dishes. Normally get their food for take-out. If you're around the Chinatown area and would like to try some great Chinese dishes, be sure to drop by!

Kam Gok Yuen
142 E Pender, Vancouver
Tel: (604) 683-3822
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raidar said...

That soft tofu looks so good.

I Love Food Blog said...

Hi raidar, I'm def a bigger fan of soft tofu over hard tofu. Worth trying if you ever go to KGY.

KimHo said...

Re: tofu, I will have to say "depends". If it is in soup/hot pot, definetely soft tofu. Medium if it is for dishes like mapo tofu.

I Love Food Blog said...

Good point KimHo. I'm actually a fan of Mapo Tofu as well!

raidar said...

I would love to find a good rendition of mapo here, as I haven't made it enough to get the right mouth numbing effect.

I Love Food Blog said...

Hi raidar, I've had the mapo at Hon's and it's not bad at all.