Marcello Pizzeria

Prosciutto E Funghi Pizza (No cheese).

Fettucine with Tomato Meat Sauce (Added Mushrooms).

I've long been a fan of Marcello Pizzeria. The weird thing is that most of the times I come here, I normally get a pasta dish instead. I normally order pizza when I visit Lombardo's on Commercial.

Nonetheless, I've tried the pizza here before too and it's pretty good.

I really love their pasta dish here...especially the Fettucine with Tomato Meat Sauce. I normally add mushrooms to it and it goes superbly. Absolutely delicious.

This place can get pretty busy at times and a little bit too keep that in mind when you visit. The service as far as I can remember has been hit or miss.

Recommended if you've never been here.

Marcello Pizzeria
1404 Commercial, Vancouver
Tel: (604) 215-7760
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