Que Pasa Chicken Fajitas.

Que Pasa Chicken Fajitas (Pronounced: Fah-Hee-Tahs).
The 5-pack is available at Costco.


A closer-look.

I saw a co-worker eating it a few days ago and so decided to pick one up myself. You can find the 5-pack at Costco for $7.99, which is quite a deal.

Heating options are either using a Microwave or an Oven. Both options produce great results.

The main ingredients are chicken (marinated in lemon juice), onions, garlic, red bell pepper, monterey jack cheese, and a special blend of spices rolled in a fajita styled tortilla. Surprisingly, there are NO added preservatives, thickeners or coloring (a plus right there!).

The fajitas tastes great. A great option to take to work...simply pop it in the microwave and you'll have a hot meal in your hands.

Recommended if you've never tried it!

Que Pasa Mexican Foods
12031 No. 5 Road Richmond BC V7A 4E9
Phone: 604 241 8175
Store Hours:
Monday-Saturday 10:00-6:00
Sunday 10:00-5:00
Closed Holidays


KimHo said...

If the first picture is correct, the "Best before" date is December 5th, 2008. Assuming you purchased (and consumed) it a couple of days/weeks ago, it would not surprise me there won't be any preservatives!

Oh, I pronounce it "fa-ji-tas"...!

I Love Food Blog said...

Have you tried them KimHo? I'm interested in trying the Enchiladas.

KimHo said...

No, unfortunately I haven't. I don't have a Costco card and not sure if anywhere else will sell them (Safeway? Save-on?). However, since they have a retail shop, I might be tempted to do visit them (though it will be a long drive...).

I Love Food Blog said...

Hi KimHo,

I do know for a fact that Choices Market does carry them as I used to see them near the deli section. Of course, you get a better deal if you get them from Costco...or probably their own retail shop.

Hope that helps!