Titanic Burger Revealed.

The Titanic Burger...soon to be revealed...

not so titanic after all...introducing Cactus Club Cafe's mini burgers:
three miniature cheddar bacon burgers with red pepper relish

I'd have to say that by far these are the best mini burgers I've had so far. A lot has definitely gone into this recipe and it sure delivers. Highly recommended.

A closer look at the mini burger.

Bonus: French Fries to go with mini burgers.

What would a burger (mini or not) be without some french fries? The fries go really well with the minis. Recommend getting a side order of fries if you order the minis.

Bentall 5
588 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604.682.0933
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H.Peter said...

Nothing better than little sliders.

At a birthday party Here in Calgary I had some real good ones at Vintage Chop House. I have not been back to find out if they are on the menu or just special for party trays.