Not As Mega As I Thought.

Pesto Pizza (On Left Side)
Cheese Pizza (On Right Side)

I've heard quite a bit about Megabite Pizza...mostly positive. I decided to pay a visit myself to see how it is. Ordered the Pesto Pizza and the Cheese Pizza. I don't like my pizza crowded with too many different toppings. I thought the pizza was just okay. I was slightly disappointed as I was expecting more. The good thing that I can say about this place is that it has a pretty decent price. I can't remember exactly, but I believe I was able to get those two pizzas and a drink (bottled water) for about $6.

Megabite Pizza (Granville)
1005 Granville Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-687-0002

Megabite Pizza (Commercial)
2440 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Tel: 604-874-8758

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Megabite Pizza (Granville) on Urbanspoon


raidar said...

Decent deal I suppose, for the price, but it doesn't look that special. In saying that I know nothing of Mega or their pizza..and I'm more of a simple pizza kinda guy. As long as it filled you up though!

I Love Food Blog said...


It did what was required at that time...which was fill me up.

Anonymous said...

Tried the pizza here a while back, and it was not a pleasant experience.

Cold, tired and hungry after a long day of school, my friends and I decided to get a pizza to share.

a) It took almost half an hour.
b) The place was so dirty! ugh
c) Pizza was disappointing, can't compare to Uncle Fatih's or Round Table.

I Love Food Blog said...

People seem to rave about how good Megabite is. There is normally always a line up at the Broadway and Commercial location.

a) Half an hour is way too long!
b) Dirty place doesn't would make me lost my appetite.
c)I have to try Uncle Fatih's...I've heard good things about them. Haven't heard of Round Table.