White Spot Hash Browns

White Spot Hash Browns (and Monty Mushroom Burger).

I know what you're thinking...another Monty Mushroom Burger from White Spot?!
Not quite. This is more of a dedication post to how great the hash browns served at White Spot are. I don't know of any other place that serves as good hash browns as White Spot.
Side note: My pet peeve is whenever I receive stale and dry hash browns that I know have been sitting there for a while...that's a big no-no.

An absolute must-try the next time you visit White Spot for breakfast!



chris said...

Hashbrowns are delicious, and those look great.

I Love Food Blog said...


I haven't had those in a while though...

I see you have started your own food blog Chris! That's nice to see. I'll take this chance to plug your new site (unless you tell me otherwise):


Chris said...

thanks for the visit and the plug.

I Love Food Blog said...

No worries...have fun food blogging!