Café Salade De Fruits: A Classic French Bistro Experience In Vancouver

I had read and heard some very good reviews about Café Salade De Fruits, and since I was in the mood for some Steak Frites, I decided to drop by for lunch.

The first thing to take note of, is their physical location. They are located in a French cultural centre (on West 7th between Granville and Fir). Now, that should by no means discourage you from visiting this place. Read on and you'll find out why...

When I first arrived, I was taken back by how busy they were.


Quiz Time: Why do you think Café Salade De Fruits was busy?

a) Tasty Food
b) Great Value
c) Good Service
d) Inviting Ambiance

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Every diner seemed to be really engaged in their conversations and were enjoying their meals. In particular, there was one table with a huge party. We're talking like say about a dozen people. I was very impressed with the level of service provided for this huge table. I observed the server working as fast possible. What was even more impressive was that the server gladly split the bills for all of them and thanked each and every one of them before saying goodbye.

The cool part is that everything is as French as can be. I noticed the server greeting a female customer that walked in by "Madame." It's these little details that I think sets this place apart from the rest.

My server was extremely knowledgeable and was able to explain the menu with great clarity. Matter of fact, I soon learnt that most of the staff members (including one of the four chefs) were fluent in the French language.

The decor and ambiance made me feel like I was dining at a Bistro in France.

Reminder: Click on each pic for a clearer view of the image.

Laurel and Hardy sitting next to the Eiffel Tower.
Gotta love the attention to detail.
One can almost feel like they are dining at a French bistro in France.

Nice casual ambiance with bright and inviting colors.
Even Tin Tin and Snowy make a guest appearance here!

Rue de la PAIX
Opened in 1806, it is one of the world's most fashionable shopping streets in Paris.
It is also the most expensive street in the French version of Monopoly!

Bread and Butter
What better way to kick off a meal?
The bread was fresh and perfectly complemented with the butter.

Pâté served with tapioca chip, sliced cucumber, pickles and an onion ball.
A great appetizer and definitely a classic French plate.

Entrecôte grillée
(Rib Eye Steak)
A version of Steak Frites, which is a classic in French cuisine.

An absolutely incredible steak! What more can I say? I ordered it Medium-Rare and it was served exactly as ordered. Extra credit to the chef for that.
The steak was really juicy and well marbled, thus adding the extra umph flavor. An added bonus was the peppercorn sauce which perfectly complemented the steak. I also took advantage of the sauce by dipping my fries in it.

It was so good that I finished the whole plate...including every drop of sauce that was soaked up by my Pomme Frites (French Fries).

Another shot of the Entrecôte grillée.

If you like steak and fries (Steak Frites), you must try this!

Incredibly tasty
Very reasonably priced ($20.99)
Home-made fries
Very generous portion size

You`ll want to return here periodically!

Close-up shot of le Pomme Frites.
These French Fries are made fresh daily and are incredibly yummy!
An absolute must try when you visit.
The plate also came with a side of home-made mayo which I didn't hesitate to use with my Pomme Frites. It was so good that I had to request for another side of mayo, of which the server gladly provided.

I'm no steak expert, but I have been to some of the main steakhouses in Vancouver (i.e. The Keg, Hy's, Mortons, Gothams...also tried the Steak Frites at Pied-A-Terre) and I must say that the steak here ranks up there in terms of one of my favorites. For that price ($20.99) and the cut of steak (Rib Eye), I'd have to say it was a pretty damn tasty steak at a great value!

Tip: I have been told that the Moules et frites is an absolute must try. This is what everyone keeps coming back for.

A friendly reminder that they are Cash Only at Salade De Fruits Cafe.

After a chat with the server, my beliefs were confirmed that indeed most of the customers are ones that return often. This is no surprise to me as I myself would definitely return here periodically in the future.

Bottom Line:
Definitely recommend this to anyone that has not tried this place yet.
If you are looking for great Steak Frites or a classic French bistro around Vancouver, Café Salade De Fruits may be as close as you are going to get.

Oh yeah...the answer to the quiz question posted above is:
e) All Of The Above

Please feel free to leave a comment or two on how your dinning experience was at this place or if you have any recommendations on any other dishes that you enjoyed.
Update: Some people have already posted some comments, so please feel free to go to the comments section to see what others have had to say!
Salade de Fruits Cafe
1551 West 7th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-714-5987

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Anonymous said...

I've been there when they just opened that place for brunch with my friend. I remember one of the chef, I guess Antoine, was making a big huge omlelt I've ever seen! Of course, brunch was very tasty and good. I went back there after that, of course. I'm very happy to see good review from somebody real "foody" like you. I believe they've been popular 10 years. Why? because they know what the most important in this kind of business, which is CONSISTANCY. If you were so impressed about what you ate, you want to eat again. In this place,they are able to do that, but some of the place, they just cannot do simple thing like that. I haven't gone there recently because I live in Maple Ridge... but after I read your blog, I feel like I want to go there with my husband(French guy as well). I'm so glad they are as same and successful as 1999 since they opened! Bravo!

I Love Food Blog said...

^ Thank you for your comment.

I forgot to mention that they are open for Brunch, Lunch and Dinner. I have yet to try their Brunch menu (or Dinner menu), but I'm glad to hear that you had a great brunch meal at Salade De Fruits.

I was definitely really impressed with my visit there and would definitely return there in the very near future!

What's funny is that I just found out that my co-worker visited them just last night and as usual she had a great time there. She had nothing but great things to say. I first found out about SDF through this co-worker and she is one of their regular customers that I mentioned in my post.

Hope you and your husband are able to enjoy a meal here soon enough.

Cheers to a decade of success and future great meals at Salade De Fruits!

Bon Appetit!

KimHo said...

I am glad you blogged this place. I have wanted to go there for ages but, there has been *something* that have prevented me from doing so. And now more than ever I want to go. Thanks for your post!

I Love Food Blog said...

Hi KimHo,

It was my pleasure to do a review on this classic french bistro.

This place definitely deserves more recognition!

I think it's sort of under the radar due to its physical location (i.e. located inside a French cultural centre). That could be the "something" that you are referring to.

Feel free to leave a comment on how your experience was after you pay them a visit.

Although your food blog is titled "Im Only Here For The Food," at Cafe Salade De Fruits, you are going to get more than just great food. I like to call it a classic French experience.

Cheers and Bon Appetit!
I Love Food Blog

kickpleat said...

I've been here several times for lunch and I love it...but I've only had the moules et frites. Now I'm definitely going to have to go back for a steak. When the weather is nice, it's nice to sit outside.

I Love Food Blog said...

Hi Kickpleat,

I've heard that everyone always returns for the Moules et Frites.

The steak is definitely worth trying!

I Love Food Blog

Sherman said...

I went there today and the Moules et Frites were extrodinary... What a little gem! I still can't believe the price I paid. It's cheaper than most of the chain restaurants! Awesome place.

I Love Food Blog said...


I just read your review too and can't wait to go back!

Sherman said...

Moi aussi! LOL...