Costco Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich

Costco Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich
Served with a pickle.
Bread appears to be a Ciabatta Bun.

I ordered this as I wanted something "healthier" from the Costco food court section. I really was not expecting it to be that good. Well, turns out my prediction was right. It was just wasn't horrible, but I don't see myself ordering this again in the future. I'm sticking with my usuals...i.e. french fries, pizza, poutine etc.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, that costco montreal smoked sandwich looks good but was it good in your opinon.


I Love Food Blog said...

Hi Deadman,

It was okay...really nothing special. I don't think I'll order it again in the future.

I Love Food Blog

Sherman said...

Found it! Okay, I think the meat is pretty good, but that bun... It's not the right bun for this type of sandwich. It ruins it!

I Love Food Blog said...

Good point. I really don't know if I'll ever order this again. I'm willing to give the Ribs a shot though. Keep reading over my older posts and you'll see a lot more Costco reviews...including the hunt for Costco Ribs...