Earls Pizza

The Margherita:
fresh basil, rich tomato sauce, mozzarella and white cheddar
I also added: Mushrooms and Bacon

Whenever I'm at Earls and in the mood for some pizza, I normally go with The Margherita pizza and add mushrooms and bacon.
The pizza at Earls is definitely really good. I'm a big fan of their pizza and I'd have to say that they are pretty consistent with bringing out a great pizza. I can't pin point what it is exactly that makes this pizza so good...I think it's a combination of all the ingredients that they use including the crust and the cheese.

I definitely recommend trying the pizza at Earls.



Anonymous said...

Hi how was earls pizza that you had


I Love Food Blog said...

Hi Deaman, the pizza was really good. Always know that I can expect a great pizza. I recommend trying it!

Anonymous said...

This weekend, I went to DB bistro for my friends b-day, and had the DB burger, it was pretty good, but it was kinda massive! Have you tried it?

Oh and they gave us this complementary flat bread thing that tasted like pizza, it was really light but tasted good.

I like your pizza pics!


I Love Food Blog said...

Hi A.G,

No, I have not been to DB Bistro yet. I've been wanting to pay a visit and try their burger. Glad to hear that it was pretty good.

The complementary flat bread sounds great as well. I'm definitely going to have to pay a visit.

And thanks for the kind words on the pizza pic!

Cheers and Bon Appetit,
I Love Food Blog