Goodbye Prima Taste (Food Pics Of The Day)

The Prima Taste that used to be located in Downtown Vancouver (Robson St.) is no longer there. This post will just be showing the pics of the dishes that was served at the restaurant. Sorry for the not so clear pics.

Chicken with Broccoli.

Roti Canai.

Beef Rendang.

Not too sure of the name of this dish.

Teh Tarik.

Fried Banana with Vanilla Ice Cream.
Drizzled with Caramel Sauce and topped off with a Cherry.


KimHo said...

FYI, it got replaced by Junsei River (sp?), which used to be Kishu River from a couple of doors away. I am not sure if I can say it will be missed. I liked it to an extent but not at the same time...

I Love Food Blog said...

Yes, I believe the spelling is right: Junsei River.

I've never been to Junsei River/Kishu River. Be interesting to see how it is.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately that was a place I frequented during lunch hours...the food was pretty good there. Any other suggestions for this type of food in the Robson area?

I Love Food Blog said...

Unfortunately, I don't know another place around Robson that serves that kind of food. The closest that I can think of is Jonker Street which serves Malaysian cuisine.

Here is the website: