Milestones Wicked Kobe Beef Sliders (Mini Burgers)

Milestones Wicked Kobe Beef Sliders
Three Kobe beef mini hamburgers, simmered in a roasted garlic au jus and topped with mozzarella and crispy onion strings. Served with our Kobe mustard sauce, splash of basil oil and toasted sesames

As a part of my hunt for great mini burgers in Vancouver, I decided to try Milestones own version: Wicked Kobe Beef Sliders.
I'll start off by saying that I didn't care too much for the Kobe mustard sauce...but then again, I'm not that big of a fan of mustard sauce period.
Let's talk about the mini burger. The bread used reminds me of a mini Chinese bun. I actually do like this bun used.
The mini beef patty itself as you may guess is made from Kobe beef. The patty is quite tasty and the roasted garlic au jus, mozzarella and crispy onion strings go really well together.
All in all, it results in a rather tasty and dare I say addicting mini burger.

If you are a fan of mini burgers, I recommend trying this out.


KimHo said...

I will be a bit skeptic about the "Kobe beef" part. Most probably it is the "Kobe-style beef", the American version of the Japanese Kobe beef, which, according to some sources, could cost over US$300/pound. Of course, the Japanese Kobe beef itself might overrated and the Americans are just following suit - not that a lot of people care about this, in most cases... But, even then, if Kobe-beef (or Kobe-style beef) is supposed to be so good, so decadent, I wonder why would it end up in a burger?! A steak sandwich might sound fine but grounded into a beef patty?! Heck, it might have been sirloin or, who knows, a cheaper cut and a good deal of the population might not have noticed. Hmmmmm.... Probably I am a bit too critical here.

As for the condiments, I prefer mustard (yellow, dijon, though not necessarily honey) as a condiment over catsup almost any day, unless the application specifically calls for catsup (BBQ sauce, for example). When I was younger, it was the opposite, though. I guess now I prefer the acidic/sour/probably bitter taste of the mustard over the sweetness of the catsup.

I Love Food Blog said...


You are right. I don't think you are being too critical. I agree with some of your points. The Kobe Beef part is not amazing. Matter of fact, I wouldn't even know it's made from Kobe Beef if it wasn't advertised as such. It could very well be "Kobe-Style" like you said, or maybe contain parts of Kobe Beef. I can say that it definitely does taste different though.

Know any other places that offers good mini burgers?

Stan said...

i tried the sliders (3 mini burgers) at joey's bentall tower...pretty good stuff. u should also try the tandoori flatbread appetizer there...awesome!

I Love Food Blog said...

Hi Stan,

I haven't been to the Bentall Tower location. I'll keep that in mind. I'll also be sure to try the tandoori flatbread appetizer. Thanks for letting me know.

Bon Appetit,
I Love Food Blog

H.Peter said...

I am trying to stay away from chain and franchise restos in general, but those sliders got my curiosity to say the least.

So I will make a point of having lunch at one of their Calgary locations soon.

I Love Food Blog said...

H. Peter:
I'd say try the sliders if you are a big fan of mini burgers. It was not amazing, but for some reason was somewhat addicting.

Nightlife in Singapore said...

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