Pizza Pzzaz (Granville Island)

Classic Cheese Pizza

I love ordering this pizza everytime I'm at the Granville Island food court. The crust, cheese and pizza sauce just go so well together. Yummy!

Cheese Pizza with Caesar Salad

One slice of pizza not enough for you? They do offer a pizza and salad combo.
Like the pizza, the salad was great. Freshly made in front of you!

If you're at Granville Island and looking for something to eat, I recommend checking out Pizza Pzzaz.

Pizza Pzzaz
Granville Island Food Court
#131 - 1689 Johnston St.
Vancouver, BC
V6H 3R9
604-689-9002 Tel


Chris said...

There is some so easy to see in fresh salad. I mean it just looks fresh when it is and vice versa (if that makes sense). Great photo.

I Love Food Blog said...

Thanks Chris. I think I know what you mean...Agreed!

Krees Meeseec said...

Great post today!!!!! Glad to see you are back on track delivering wonderful posts! Thank you and have a great day!

Anonymous said...

hi thats one of my favorite food combos.


I Love Food Blog said...

Hi Krees,

Glad to hear that you enjoyed today's post.

Have yourself a great day as well!

I Love Food Blog

I Love Food Blog said...

Deadman - What is your favorite pizza? i.e. cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, etc?

Anonymous said...

Hi my fovorite pizza is a meat lover i.e steak,chicken,pep,pretty much a pizza with lots of meat on it.


I Love Food Blog said...

Deadman - That's a good choice for pizza toppings!