Costco Kirkland Signature Take & Bake Pizza

Costco Kirkland Signature Take & Bake Pizza

Another shot with the plastic lid taken off

The Product.

A Closer Look.

Costco's Kirkland Signature Take & Bake Pizza is a great deal at a cost of $9.99. This can feed about 3/4 people.

Preparation directions are really simple. Simply take plastic lid off, and bake in the pre-heated oven. You don't even need to use your own baking pan as it comes with one already.

I do prefer this pizza over the one offered at the Costco Food Court.

If you like your crust really really crispy, this may not be for you. It works well for me as I don't like my crust too crispy.

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Chris said...

A little planning and you can find your friends for cheap after a night out. Good to know it tastes decent as well

I Love Food Blog said...

Right on Chris! Works great too if you are craving pizza very late at night and when the pizza joints are no longer open or available for delivery.

Chris said...

Haha. I just realized I said find, when i meant to say 'feed'. Feed your friends for cheap. Sorry about that one. :)

I Love Food Blog said... worries Chris. I didn't even notice that till you pointed it out yourself.

Sherman said...

You do a post about Costco Pizza, I do a post on Costco fast food. We think alike!

I Love Food Blog said...

I noticed we have very similar tastes. You've reviewed many of my regular spots. Have you read my other Costco Food Court reviews? Be sure to check out my hunt for the Costco Ribs! (It's in the earlier posts)