Coconut Rice wrapped in Banana Leaf

Curry Beef Brisket Rendang
traditional Malay Curry slow simmered in coconut milk with lemongrass, lime leaves, shallots, garlic, ginger, galangal and tumeric

Roti Canai
hand made Malaysian bread pan fried to perfection & served with curry sauce dip

Mushroom Lover's (shiitake, portabello) Roll

A closer-look at the Mushroom Lover's Roll

Azia is located in Downtown Vancouver. More specifically, it is located by Scotiabank Theatre (which used to be called Paramount Cinema).

The service I'd have to say was really good when I went there. The ambiance is quite inviting with its high ceiling.

Onto the food...the food was just okay, nothing amazing or spectacular. I did appreciate the Mushroom Lover's roll which I thought was the best dish amongst what I had ordered. I liked the presentation of the dish.

The food I felt was just standard. I expected a bit more from this place and was kind of disappointed based on the prices. Not a place that I myself would recommend to others, but if you do try this place out, please let me know how it goes. Maybe I ought to give it another shot?

(604) 682-8622
990 Smithe St
Vancouver, BC V6Z
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Anonymous said...

That looks pretty good.
Is the price alright? Not too expensive?

I Love Food Blog said...

The food was okay, nothing amazing. The price was somewhat pricey for what you're getting. Not overly expensive though.