Strawberry Cake From Haru Bakery

Strawberry Cake from Haru Bakery

Pic was taken from a cell phone camera and so is not that clear.

Had some questions related to my previous post and so decided to do a proper review as opposed to just "Food Pic Of The Day."

I did not get a chance to try this cake. However, it's been described to me as fluffy and light. The inside consists of sponge cake and the outside has whipped cream/strawberries and if you look closely, you'll see some silver candy.

Definitely worth a try!

8685 10TH AVE


Chris said...

light + fluffy + strawberries + whipped cream = deliciousness to me! Thanks for the second photo. Hopefully you get to indulge on a sampling one day as well.

I Love Food Blog said...

No problem! My pleasure. I will provide another update in the future if I get to indulge in this treat.

Jennifer said...

i've had this before!
unfortunately mine was not quite as fluffy as i expected inside...tasted a bit old? but it was pretty to look at :)

I Love Food Blog said...

Hi Jennifer, I haven't had this yet but I"ll let you know how it goes once I've tried it!