Dockside Restaurant InThe Granville Island Hotel : Only Here For The Food?

Smoked Wild Sockeye Benedict
Damage: $15

Shrimp Benedict (Baby Shrimp)
Damage: $15

Classic Eggs Benedict (with Back Bacon)
Damage: $14

A closer look at the Classic Eggs Benny

Pelican Bay Omelette
bell peppers, aged white cheddar, scallions, hash browns and toast
Damage: $14

Belgian Waffles
arctic lingonberry and cloudberry compotes, confectioner’s sugar
Damage: $15

Dockside Pilsner Battered Queen Charlottes Halibut
kennebec frites, tartare sauce
Damage: $16

Wild Sockeye Salmon Burger
grilled, on a kaiser bun and tartare sauce, kennebec frites
Damage: $15

Prior to dining at Dockside Restaurant (located in Granville Island), I had heard that they have one of the best patios in the city. Well, upon my arrival, that did seem to be true. The patio did look fantastic and did seem like it was great especially on a sunny summer day.

Now onto the food....I myself had ordered the classic eggs benny. When the plate arrived, I could tell that the poached eggs were overcooked. So I did the ol cutting into the egg routine to see if there would be any yolks streaming down. Well, nothing. Perfectly solid. Long story short, this happened to more than one of our orders. I believe it was sent back about four times.

The rest of the food items...can't really say too much as I didn't try them. But the overall impression I got was that the food was mediocre at best.

Another thing was the price. I really felt that a lot of the items were severely overpriced. Take for example the Belgian Waffles (3 pieces) for $15. Any local foodies will know that Cafe Medina serves one of the best waffles around town. Matter of fact, for that same price ($15), you can actually get 5 pieces at Cafe Medina. I haven't done a post on Cafe Medina yet, but those waffles are to die for! They have to be the best waffles I've ever had. Be sure to order a side topping when your there. My favorite is the raspberry caramel.

Losing focus now...back on track. So the question is this: when most of you go out to eat, do you only care about the food? KimHo will probably tell you so. Or do you care about everything else such as the ambiance (i.e. patio) and service?

Anyways, back to Dockside. Overall, I felt that the food was mediocre at best. The service could have been better. Would I return? Probably not. Would I recommend you try it? Well, only if you really like patio seating and don't care much for the food and value.

Before I forget, we went here to celebrate some birthdays. Apparently they were gonna charge us $2 per head for a cake fee if we were to have brought our own cake...

(604) 685-7070
Granville Island
1253 Johnston St
Vancouver, BC V6H
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KimHo said...

Thanks for the plug? ^_^

In my case, service-wise, as long as they provide the basic like cutlery, refill of water (or just leave a jar!), food in a timely manner, I am good. And, oh, I will pass that side of condescending attitude. Things like "is everything OK?", well, if they are not OK, I would have told you way before came to ask, not to mention I am usually asked that question either before I have even touched my food or when my mouth is full. Ambiance-wise, it does not necessarily work for me, specially considering that I eat solo more often than not. I remember one instance I went with some friends for fish and chips in Steveston and one of them had the idea of seating outside (I wanted to sit inside). While we had our food, the nearby mosquitoes had their share as well. I wonder if mosquitoes can have a heart attack if the blood they suck happens to have lots of fat? Food for thought? But, then again, I am a corner case.

Now, as for your post, hehehehe... For an average of $15 per dish, some of them looked really bad. Tater tots? Where is the Hollandaise sauce for the bennies (unless they were covered and/or is that browned portion on top after they were under the salamander)? The fish and chips looks decent but I am sure you can get a better deal in one of the many shops nearby in Granville Island... I guess there are reasons why I seldom write posts about places like this... -_-;;;

I Love Food Blog said...

You're welcome...hehe.

I'll have to agree with you on that "how is your food?" question when you clearly haven't even touched your food.

Interesting question on the mosquitoes. I've never thought about that before. You may have a point though.

I think the hollandaise sauce is the browned portion on top.

EnbM said...

Those photos speak a thousand words. LOL