Menya Japanese Noodle

Menya Japanese Noodle

Rice Cake
I didn't really care too much for these.

Maybe I'm just not too big of a fan of rice cakes...

These were awesome!

Soup was different. Not as rich as Kintaro. Still decent though.

A closer-shot
Notice that Menya uses very thin noodles. Personally, I prefer the ones at Kintaro.

Side of plain ramen
Menya allows you to order a side order of plain ramen. A good option that I took advantage of.

Overall Thoughts:
Decent effort. However, I do prefer the other ones i.e. Kintaro, Benkei and Motomachi Shokudo.

Would I recommend?
If you are a big fan of ramen, it's worth giving this place a shot.

Interesting Note:

They are closed on Sundays!

401 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-725-9452
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Sherman said...

Those gyozas sure look crispy on the bottom... were they?

I Love Food Blog said...

They sure were Sherman!

Anonymous said...

Those rice things in your photos are rice balls, not rice cakes. Rice cake (mochi in Japan) is made of pounded rice - you can't see the individual rice grains at all. Rice balls are formed out of cooked rice.

Anonymous said...

This place is near my work so I go there frequently. There are thicker noodles in the miso ramen - both the noodles and the soup are better in the miso ramen IMO and recommended.

I Love Food Blog said...

Interesting note Anonymous...I'll have to give that one a shot one day. Thanks.