Scoop! Frozen Yogurt (No Toppings)

I went to Scoop! a while ago when they first opened.

A couple of notes on the actual store. Be very very careful when you enter. There is a little step when you walk through the door. Another thing is that the ceiling is really low when you head towards the restroom and Foosball table just be extra cautious and watch your step/head.

The concept is pretty simple. Order the size of yogurt you want, and then there is a self-serve "salad-bar" like area where you get to choose your toppings. These are then weighed together at the end when you pay.

I decided to order just the original yogurt by itself as I wanted to try it in its purest form. Overall I thought the yogurt was just okay...I'd say that I do prefer other ones offered by other frozen yogurt stores such as Blueberry, Froyo Swirl and Qoola.

I might need to pay another visit to see if there are any changes since they first opened.

(604) 569-3338
2050 W 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC
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2 comments: said...

I would agree with you...the product itself is "OK". We did find the toppings and the service to make up for it...the place is dead on most days (from what we can tell); I should hope they're happy to see people.

I Love Food Blog said...

It was very dead the last time I was there. I was curious as to whether or not business would pick up for them...