White Spot Chocolate Passion Cake

Chocolate Passion Cake
Seven layers of fudgy chocolate cake & creamy chocolate icing.
Vanilla ice cream drizzled with hot fudge sauce.

This is one of my favorite dessert dishes from White Spot.
You're getting chocolate cake and ice cream...what more could one want? Whipped cream and a cherry? That's included as well!

I recommend giving it a shot the next time you're wondering what dessert dish to order at White Spot.


Chris said...

Like a little piece of heaven!

I Love Food Blog said...


Anonymous said...

Disaster! Our White Spot seems to have just dropped it from the dessert menu. I guess I'll have to find a reciepe now! Maybe we can petition them to bring it back!

nksilver said...

I will sign this petition personally and find you more signatures!

Anonymous said...

apparently they are brining it back!! Not sure when, but soon!! I know someone who works there!!