The Wellington Gastropub: One Of The Best Dining Experiences

The Wellington Gastropub Entrance

Home-Bottled Food Items
And yes, the kitchen does use these food items...they are not just for decoration purposes.

Bread with Oil and Salt

Beef tartare, crostinis, truffle oil

Angus ribeye, crushed spuds w/ herbs & truffle oil, King Eryngiis, WG sauce

Another Shot

The Bill...(Inside the CD Case)

Let me start of by saying that my meal at The Wellington Gastropub was one of the best dining experiences I've ever had. A lot of Ottawa Foodies already know that TWG is indeed a must-try place. And it sure does live up to all the hype!

The ambiance I found was very inviting and casual. Don't worry about having to dress up formally for this place. The servers are known to wear t-shirts and jeans. And don't be fooled by the name of the restaurant. It is by no means a pub that we know of.

The service was excellent. I had about four different staff members approach me to ask how I was doing during my time there, including the chef. A very nice touch.
The servers I found were extremely knowledgeable of what was on the menu. When asked about what was in the Beef Tartare, the server went through every single ingredient as if he had made the dish himself.

The menu does change daily, and it is updated and posted daily for viewing on their website, which I have provided a link for below.

Another great thing about this restaurant is that EVERYTHING is made in the house, with the exception of their bread, which they get from Art-Is-In Bakery. And yes, the ice cream is made in house.

The food was great and I enjoyed every last bite of my meal.

I highly recommend paying a visit to The Wellington Gastropub whether or not you live in Ottawa. If you are visiting Ottawa, be sure to make some time to enjoy a meal here. If you already live in Ottawa, this is definitely a place that I recommend you try out when you get the chance. I know that I'll definitely be returning here!

Be sure to call ahead and make reservations as they can get booked up quite quickly.

Final Verdict:
Thumbs Up! Highly Recommended! If you haven't been here yet, you are definitely missing out a a true gem.
Wellington GastroPub
(613) 729-1315
1325 Wellington St. W.
Ottawa, ON K1Y
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Follow Me Foodie said...

Why is it that I get drawn to the food pics that are not available in Vancouver?!!? I think I have a very sensitive foodie detector and I just know when it's an "out-of-town item" all I have to do is get to Ottawa....or cross my fingers that they'll open up something here.

Thanks for sharing this entry. The food looks great...I love truffle oil!

I Love Food Blog said...

The food was def good!

If you ever go to Ottawa, I def recommend you pay a visit to the Wellington Gastropub.