The Black Tomato in the Byward Market of Ottawa

Exterior of The Black Tomato restaurant in the Byward Market of Ottawa

Exterior of The Black Tomato restaurant in the Byward Market of Ottawa (Black and White Version)

View from the Patio Seating
Facing Courtyard Restaurant

I loved this patio seating.

Bread and Butter

I enjoyed this bread and butter combo. I especially liked the fact that the butter was soft enough to spread easily on the bread.

Tender pieces of chicken, mushrooms, fresh
galangal , fresh lime leaf and lemongrass all
simmered to perfection in a broth of coconut milk.
(Taken from The Black Tomato website)

This was really flavorful and I enjoyed it. In hindsight I probably wouldn't have ordered this if I was going to order the next dish as the portion of the soup was quite large and filling for me. I recommend sharing this soup for an appy.
If you really like this soup, I recommend trying the one (Tom Kha Gai) at Khao Thai, which is a Thai restaurant located in the Byward Market as well.

Melt-in-your-mouth strips of marinated beef,
supplied by O’Brien Farms (Greely On.)
sautéed onions, red and green peppers are
served with an unconventional
combination of gourmet mustard and three
cheeses all in a bakery fresh sesame bun.
(Taken from The Black Tomato website)

Also includes side potatoes and salad.
Overall, I enjoyed this sandwich plate.

If you're in the mood for sandwiches and just happen to be around the Byward Market in Ottawa, I recommend giving The Black Tomato a shot.
Note that if you are hoping to secure seats at the patio area, you might have to wait a while.

The Black Tomato
Byward Market of Ottawa
(613) 789-8123
11 George Street
Ottawa, ON

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