Brunch At Milestones

Miami Ice
Iced Tea, Mango Puree, Mint Leaves

Californian Omelet
Double-Smoked Bacon, House-Made Avocado Salsa, Diced Roma Tomatoes, Cheddar

Prime Rib Hash
Thinly Sliced AAA Prime Rib, Potatoes, Bell Peppers, Sweet Onion, Roasted Corn in Specialty Hash Seasoning. Topped with Two Poached Eggs, House-Made Hollandaise and Herb Toast.

Prime Rib Hash, Mixed Together

Overall Thoughts:
I like coming to Milestones for brunch and this visit was no different in living up to egg-spectations. If you are really hungry, I recommend trying the Prime Rib Hash.

Milestones Grill + Bar
Various Locations

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