It's All Gravy!

KFC Poutine.

Close-up shot of KFC Poutine. Care to take a swim in here?

What makes a good poutine? Is it the french fries? Is it the gravy? Or is it the cheese curds used? Earlier on I reviewed the Costco Poutine which seemed to have cheese curds that refused to melt. Now onto the KFC version...

The KFC Poutine uses their signature french fries which I rank as one of my favorite fries (better than MacDonalds, Burger King but may be around the same level as the Costco Fries). The cheese curds? Well, I think most cheese curds used are about the same as far as the fast food industry goes. The gravy? Now that's the major difference. KFC uses Chicken Gravy (no duh!). But that is a major difference between the KFC poutine and others.

The three ingredients go really well together. You'll never reach for that bottle of ketchup after trying this.

It only makes sense for a fast food chain that serves fries and gravy to add poutine onto their menu. In fact, it's doing so well that they've added a Poutine Combo/Meal to their menu i.e. Poutine and a Medium Sized Pop.

Sometimes if you're unlucky, you may be handed a poutine from KFC that is not warm at all. That's exactly what happened the last time I ordered mine. I wasn't one to make that big of a deal and I wanted to see how it would taste regardless. Turned out that it still tasted pretty good.

Definitely one of my favorite poutines. Highly recommended.

I may be going on a poutine marathon to find the best poutine around. So far the KFC version defeats the Costco version.


Anonymous said...

Poutine is my favorite...please post more reviews on them. I heard of a place called Fritz, can you post a review on that place? If you have and I happened to not read it yet, post more?

I Love Food Blog said...

Yes, I will post a review on Fritz in the near future.