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Exterior of the Club.

Beef Dip (Short rib beef, melted cheese, toasted bread) with Side of French Fries. Includes dip for sandwich and tomato ketchup. ($15)

If you haven't heard yet...there's a new Club in town...and this time it's in the heart of Downtown. Yes, you'll need to wait a while outside before you can enter this club. Yes this club is full of energetic people. Yes, you can expect this club to be really noisy. No, there isn't an age limit to enter this club.

As I mentioned above, expect to wait a while for a table when you get there. Seems to be packed constantly especially during a weekday lunchtime.

Went here with a General Manager I used to work with. When we got there we saw that the place was packed like sardines. We left our names for a table and was told the wait time would be approximately 20mins. We were told that we could sit at the bar too but it would be on a first come first serve basis. We decided to wait around the bar area and were lucky to get a seat 10 mins into waiting.

Coincidentally, we both ordered the Beef Dip which came with not the usual regular sliced beef that you're used to getting, but more like shredded short rib beef. Came with fries which were lightly salted. Sauces included the dip for our Beef Dip and some tomato ketchup for the fries.

We both agreed that the food was great. The Beef Dip had a melted cheese with it and was served on a toasted bread. The quality of the beef used was good while the melted cheese and dip made the sandwich more flavorful and moist. I enjoyed the fries here too. Thought they went really well with the sandwich. I'd say this is one of the better Beef Dips that I've had so far.

We washed our foods down with some beer on tap. He had the hefeweizen and I had a lager.

Ambiance was great . Fresh, new, clean chairs and tables. Always great dining at a new restaurant when it opens. Although I did not go upstairs, I could see that there were more seatings above us.

The service there was good. As I mentioned , the place was absolutely packed but our server was able to get our orders and our food to us in a reasonable amount of time.

Would definitely return here. What are YOU waiting for? There's no membership fee for joining this club...nor is there an age limit.

Cactus Club Cafe
588 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC

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