Grease Feast

Left over Canadian Pizza nuked up...Food Safe: remember to refrigerate any left overs. (Never leave pizza at room temperature overnight.)

Personal Pan Canadian Pizza.

Large size of Canadian Pizza. Includes: pepperoni, bacon and mushrooms. (Note the cardboard box it comes in..will get to it later on)

Who doesn't like Pizza? I mean...really.

A topic of common debate is which joint offers the best pizza? I don't know about you, but when it comes to pizza, Pizza Hut offers the best slice.

Remember the time when you were at home and there was no food for you? And you were too lazy to "cook" something up? And no, adding your instant noodles to a pot of hot water does not count as cooking. Well, you knew you could always turn to that one PH that would be there to gladly pick up your calls.

The bottom line is want Pizza? Go ahead, pick up the phone. Call your local Pizza Hut joint and be prepared to salivate over your Grease Feast.

Ever used some cardboard boxes while moving? Notice that you had a sudden craving for some PH? Well, my theory lies within the fact that your nose is picking up on the cardboard smell, which is the same smell as the cardboard box they use to deliver your pizza. Think about that the next time you move.

My favorite pizza has to be the Canadian. It comes with pepperoni, bacon and mushroom.

Health Check: The Canadian Pizza includes the four main food groups: Grain Products (crust), Vegetables and Fruits (okay maybe not fruits, but the shrooms does count as a veggie) , Milk Products (cheese!) , Meat and Alternatives (bacon and pepperoni).

Tip: If you don't think you'll have enough people with you to finish a large/medium/small pizza, simply order the Personal Pan size. Also, nothing beats the Pan Crust amongst all the options of crusts to choose from. I recommend always getting the Pan Crust when ordering from PH.

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