Going Against The Grain.

FRENCH ONION SOUP: Hearty beef broth, Spanish onions, Swiss and Parmesan cheeses. (Sorry for the low lighting)

CHICKEN FAJITAS: Grilled chicken with sweet pepper, onions and all the trimmings. (Extra side dish of Portobello Mushrooms)

I'm a firm believer of specialty...that is, if you want to eat steak, do not order it at say White Spot. And vice versa, if you are at The Keg, only order steak.

Well, I was forced to break one of my rules. I decided that even though I was at The Keg, I was going to order just a little something different.

Started off with the French Onion Soup. I have not tried many onion soups elsewhere but I thought this one was good. As usual, it had the slab of cheese over the top of the bowl. Always nice to break the cheese in. Soup was tasty and the cheese went really well with it.
Tip: Be sure to order a side of bread (if it hasn't already been placed on your table) so that you can dip the bread in the soup. I like to do this first so that I don't burn my tongue when I drink the soup.

The Chicken Fajitas (pronounced Fah-Hee-Tas)...well, it turned out really presentable (see picture above). I decided to add a side of Portobello Mushrooms with that. The mushrooms themselves were really well done. These bad boys sure add a punch to any dish you add it to. As usual, the tortillas were rolled up in a cloth to avoid any moisture lost and to retain some heat. The sauces and cheese were presented nicely on a side dish. Chicken looked really appetizing. You can see the grill marks. Put them all together and you get one very yummy fajitas.

Would definitely order this dish again if I'm in the mood for just a little something different. I'd rate it as one of the better Fajitas I've tried...but then again I haven't had fajitas in many other restaurants. If you're up for trying something different next time, consider trying the fajitas when you're at The Keg.

Did you say steak? ...And I thought my jokes were bad...


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