Update on Rib Status.

Believe it or not, I managed to pay a visit to two different Costco locations today.

I first paid a visit to the Willingdon location, and boy were they trying really hard to sell their ribs...well, not their own ribs, but the Costco BBQ Ribs. "Have you tried our ribs yet? They're very good! You can't get them elsewhere for only eight bucks!" I was told that they use a Kirkland sauce which is similar to Tony Romas but this particular sauce is not available for purchase at Costco.

Dropped by the DT Costco location after, and saw that the BBQ Ribs were available for sale there too.

Unfortunately, I did NOT order the ribs today...the full review of the ribs will be coming soon enough. Until then, stay tuned.

The hunger is greatest just before the meal. And I promise you, the meal is coming.

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