My Pet Named Peeve.

I know I advertised this blog as a review of the restaurants in Vancouver. But ILoveFoodBlog.BlogSpot.Com is actually more than just reviews on different restaurants. Anything related to food will be discussed on this blog. Even non-food topics as you might have noticed will be on here.

I'd like to talk about a pet named Peeve. He appears everytime I go to the movie cinemas. He is the cause of me having to wait in line and me having to shell out cash that mirrors the price of the movie ticket.

Ever order a regular sized pop and then have the attendant mention that for 49 cents more you can get a large sized one instead. And not just that, but if you do get a large sized one, its refillable. Wow, what a deal eh?! How bout no Scotty! See the thing is...if you buy a large sized one, you're most likely going to not be able to finish it in the first place, thus eliminating the need for a refill. Then, if say you do finish a large pop on your own, you're most likely going to have to hit the restroom midway through the movie. Now you wouldn't want to do that for say "The Dark Knight" now would you? I didn't think so. I guess if there's two of you sharing the large pop, and you are able to make it out and back in time before the movie starts, then yes it may be worth the extra for the large pop.

Another side of Peeve that often shows up is the butter-less popcorn. I don't know about you, but when I order popcorn, I really want it buttered-up! I believe the charge for extra butter comes close to a dollar...And for what?! A few extra squirts on the top of the moutain that will not sink into the middle or bottom layer? Tip: Be sure to specifiy and monitor that they layer it. e.g. Tell the attendant that you want your butter layers THREE times. This will ensure an even distribution. How often have you had popcorn and really enjoyed the first couple of bites and then only find out that there's no more butter flavor after. Point is, if they are going to make us pay a dollar for the extra butter, make sure you get what you pay for. If you really love buttery popcorn, then why not ask for FIVE layers...I don't see any problem with that.

So the next time you are at the cinemas, keep those tips in mind...and be sure to say hi to my pet named Peeve.

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