A Taste Of Gastown.

open faced chicken bocconcini sandwich topped with fresh basil and vine ripened tomato served with seasonal mixed greens ($10.99)

gorgonzola pizza with double smoked bacon and roasted roma tomatoes ($14.99)
I did add some mushrooms to this as well...after all, mushrooms pretty much goes well with anything.

I haven't really ventured into Gastown too much and thus have not tried much of the foods offered over there. If you ever happen to find yourself around Gastown (or Waterfront Skytrain Station), be sure to visit the legendary steam clock. I actually had a chance to meet with the person that built the clock a few years ago. For more info on the Steam Clock, visit: Wikipedia Steam Clock

Now with that being said, if you're into bar food or just simply into bzzr, Steamworks Brewing Company just might be the place for you. Located right by Waterfront Skytrain Station and in Gastown, Steamworks offers bar food and bzzr with a different ambiance that you`re used to. ``Steamworks has always been known for its distinctive and eclectic atmosphere.``

From what I can recall, the service was great. You`re able to sit in the restaurant or pub area...whatever you fancy. However, there is also a cafe area which is my favorite spot to dine at. You won`t miss this area as this is the first part you`ll have to walk through. The food itself was what I would expect from the usual bar. The pizza was okay, but I`ve had way better pizza elsewhere. The open faced sandwich sounded really interesting and came out looking really appetizing. I think this can be due to the bright colors (refer to picture above). Didn`t really try the sandwich so I can`t comment on the taste.

I wouldn`t go here just for the food...I`d go here more for the atmoshpere. It`s a little bit pricey too for what you get.

Note that they have recently opened up (this time inside the Waterfront Skytrain Station) another branch of their company called the Steamworks Transcontinental. You can read a Vancouver Sun article on the Steamworks Transcontinental here.

Steamworks Brewing Company
375 Water Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6B 5C6
Ph: 604.689.2739

Steamworks Transcontinental

601 West Cordova Street,
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 1G1
Ph : 604.678.8000

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