Say It Ain't So...

So...decided to venture on my quest to try the new food item offered at Costco's food court...none other than the BBQ Ribs (and Fries).

Guess what??? Say it ain't so....THEY WERE OUT OF STOCK!!!

(@#$%) ^ N, where N = Infinity

With that being said...I asked about them being "Temporarily Out of Stock"...well apparently they were totally "sold out".....They should be getting more in next week from what I was told.

So the big question is...was it really that good? This was introduced onto the menu no longer than a week ago and they are already totally out of it? Wow...the anticipation to try these is sure growing. I guess only time will tell. Until then, be sure to stay tune to more reviews from your friendly author at ILoveFoodBlog.BlogSpot.Com (cheap plug!!!)… we...go!

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