Pork Potstickers with Sauce on side.

Taiwan Beef Noodle in Beef Soup Without Beef

I think they may have a name change...but this place will forever be known as Taiwan Beef Noodle House or just TBN.

What's good here? I normally always get me an order of the Beef Noodle in Beef Soup Without Beef. Soup is very tasty and the noodles go really well. You have the option of choosing from various types of noodles. The one pictured above is the default option which I believe is called the thick noodle.

There are some tasty appies here as well. They offer a beef roll pancake which comes with a side sauce for dipping. They also offer some pretty delicious pork potstickers which also comes with a side of sauce for dipping.

One of my favorite spots to dine at...be sure to try it if you haven't already.

Taiwan Beef Noodle House
8390 Granville Street, Vancouver (South Vancouver)
Tel: 604-266-7966

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