Costco Poutine.

I reviewed the Costco French Fries previously in my earlier post. Now onto their Poutine. Uses the same French Fries, but this time Cheese Curds and Gravy is added into the mix.

It's not bad of a poutine...it's definitely not the best poutine I've ever had. Worth trying...unlike the BBQ Ribs. Speaking of which, you know what, I wouldn't mind giving it just one more chance. Yeah that's right, I'll give the Ribs the benefit of the doubt. Back on to the poutine. For some really odd reason, the cheese curds will NOT melt. That's right. The cheese curds are un-melt-able. I'm not too sure why this is. I don't think it's b/c the gravy is not warm enough.

If you do order this, consider it a full meal. I wouldn't try order a hot dog with this as well. It's just too much for one to handle.

Question: How do you know whether it's real cheese curds that are being used in your poutine?
Answer: It should make a weird squeaky noise when you bite into it.

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