BC Roll.

BC (Bao Chau) Salad Roll.

BC (Bao Chau) Spring Roll.

Item 1 on their menu. House special beef noodle.

Note: Be sure to click on each of the above pics to get a better view. I won't write too much on this particular post, I'll let the pics do most of the talking.

At Bao Chau, or simply BC for short, the rolls reign supreme over nearly everything offered on their menu. Okay, don't believe the hype...I just wanted to throw that line in there.

The Spring Rolls are a good deal. They're not bad too. They remind me of the ones that I've had at Vina.

The House special beef noodle was okay. I was by no means blown away by it. The soup could have been more tasty I thought. Maybe I'm just not a big Pho fan.

We brought back an order of the Salad Roll for a co-worker that is quite familiar with the restaurant. I'm assuming that b/c she did request that particular item, that it at least tastes decent.

I visited BC with the same buddy that did the blog on Hi Genkei (see previous post). You can check out his review at:
Vancouver Slop Review on Bao Chau

If you're around the area, then I'd give it a try. I wouldn't go out of my way to come here though.

Bao Chau Vietnamese Restaurant
2717 E Hastings, Vancouver
Tel: (604) 251-6956

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